Building together. Keepin’ it weird.

Y33tburg was founded on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of a great community, without having to spend the equivalent cost of a used Honda Accord. We believe that what is truly the most special about Web 3 is it’s potential for bringing people together around creativity and common goals. That's why we're focused on building a quirky little town designed for everyone, regardless of background, preferred blockchain, or "down bad bags". So come as you are, and join us in building a unique, creative and weird little community together, because TBH, the world needs a little more weirdness, way better vibes and a lot less bullshit.

The Mint

Joining our Community

We will be opening citizenship access to the beautiful neighborhood of Sol Valley soon. Stay Tuned! All you need to join our community is your own Y33TS PFP. We are using the platform for our art generation and mint and will share links closer to mint.


‍1 Free (.69 any additional)


.99 Sol


Find a
character as
unique as you

As a Y33tburg citizen, we call ourselves ‘Y33TS’, the possibilities are endless and the characters are one-of-a-kind! Y33ts come in a wide variety of personalities, styles, and colors, with hundreds of different traits to choose from. From colorful fur to wild hairstyles and even facial hair options, the possibilities are endless. But we don't just stop at appearances, our characters also have a vast array of clothing options that allow you to express your personal style. Whether you're into luxury brands, streetwear, or even American heritage, we've got something for everyone.



With the introduction of trait marketplaces, the fun doesn't stop there! You will be able to customize your Y33t* even further by adding new, unique traits that align with your interests. Love zombies? Add a zombie trait! Sci-fi fan? Add a sci-fi trait! The options are endless and it's all up to you. So come on in to Y33tsburg and be the freak you want to be! Create a character that truly represents you and let the world see your unique style. 

*(Traits swapping will not be available for the initial Sol Valley mint)


A unique suprise

Over in Y33tburg, we are trying something a little new, a little experimental when it comes to 1-of-1s. If you are able to pull one of our unique characters set in their own environment, you will receive some unique drops just for you. Everyone needs their own crew right? ;)



In Y33tsburg, we're all about breaking down barriers and bringing the crypto community together. Why should we be limited by arbitrary distinctions like which blockchain we happen to be using? So whether you're a Vitalik disciple, a Polygon fanboy, a Sol survivor or best bros with Charles, you're welcome here. Just find the neighborhood that works for you. Ground has been broken on Sol Valley and will be the first ready for new residents.

Sol Valley

The innovative and scrappy, neighborhood of Sol Valley will be the first to welcome new residents. 969 of them in fact. The founder started in the Solana community and he knows it's been a rough time the last couple months with certain projects bailing and all of the endless drama. So he's focused on creating a fun, experimental place built for the biggest degens and weirdos on any chain.

Breaking Ground: Feb 23

Satoshi Gardens

This awe inspiring neighborhood is lush with gardens and diamond encrusted walkways. There is ample Lambo parking for the Bitcoin OGs and glistening pools with easy access for whales.

Breaking Ground: TBA

Ethereum Estates

These beautiful estates bring the only the finest that life has to offer. This neighborhood has a heavy focus arts, luxury, culture and music and is perfect for everyone from Apes to Doodles. While in the past the Eth community enjoyed calling the community 'poors', in Y33tburg we are all part of one tribe with a few different vibes.

Breaking Ground: TBA

Poly Place

The bustling neighborhood of Poly Place is the Times Square or Picadilly Circle of Y33tsburg. It is the bright and vibrant center packed with tourists where all the biggest brands hangout. Poly Place will be the Y33tsburg home for gamers so squad up and get on the bus.

Breaking Ground: TBA

Cardano Dr.

As the nerdiest neighborhood of Y33tsburg, Cardano Dr. will be the epi-center of innovation and technology. Cardano Dr. boasts excellent wi-fi and bountiful charging ports and we look forward to the neighborhood becoming the hot spot for the true nerds.

Breaking Ground: TBA


What are the utilities?

We believe the whole "Utility" meta is a bunch of fake bullshit. Projects trying to sell very basic 'SaaS' products to other projects, useless shitcoins that go to zero or some alleged 'alpha' that is usually just a bunch of people looking at drop calendars. We aren't doing any of that non-sense. Y33tsburg is about creativity and community so everything we build we be in service of those priorities. To that end, we will focus on unique ways to use a PFP, exploring AI integrations and creating new storytelling platfroms. We may do staking/rewards but it's not a huge priority.

Why multi-chain?

Well we've been listening to all this tribalism and blockchain based shit talk and we are over it. We are not maxis for one chain. We just want to bring people together and y33ts and not around one chain or another.

Wen mint?

Sol Valley will be breaking ground February 23rd. Exact time TBA.